Guide to public toilets in Oakleigh shopping precinct

You’re out shopping, meeting up with friends or running some errands and then it strikes – the urge to pee.

You look around but can’t see any toilets nearby. Panic ensues. We’ve all been there and, let’s be honest, it’s not ideal.

That’s why we’ve got you covered for the next time you’re in a pickle. When you’re in the area be sure to make use of our map that lists all the local amenities including bathrooms.

Here’s where you can find public toilets around the Oakleigh shopping precinct.

Oakleigh Central shopping centre toilets

Oakleigh’s premier shopping centre offers men’s and women’s toilets, as well as a large format parent’s room.

The amenities were recently upgraded as part of Oakleigh Central’s refurbishment works and they’re looking pretty fancy. Talk about a luxurious trip to the loo!

The amenities offer improved access and disabled facilities, including a full-sized change table and an automatic hoist which can move across the room to transfer someone from the toilet to the change table. It allows disabled visitors to be changed and go to the toilet safely.

Oakleigh Station toilets

If you’re travelling to or from Oakleigh by train and need to attend to your business between travels, make use of the toilets at Oakleigh Station.

Public Transport Victoria has advised that Oakleigh Station has accessible toilets. If they are locked, simply ask station staff for access.

Chester Street toilets

If you’re wandering through the shopping strips in the heart of Oakleigh and nature calls, fear not.

Located near Oakleigh Music Centre in Chester Street are some public toilets. It’s an unexpected spot for a loo but you won’t be complaining when you’ve gotta go!

The Chester Street toilets were upgraded in October 2016 and boasts a new roof and walls, new toilet suites (with accessible toilets), sustainable lighting, landscaping and water-saving initiatives. Modern!

Warrawee Park toilets

Whether you’re taking a walk or with the kids at the playground and you need to pee while at Warrawee Park (pardon the rhyme), you’ll be glad to know there are toilets nearby.

The amenities are open during daylight hours so don’t get caught here after sunset.

Do you know of any other toilets around the Oakleigh shopping precinct? If we’ve missed any, please let us know on our Facebook page.