Discover iBikes in Oakleigh

There’s a revolution happening in biking and Oakleigh is catching on.

While there is no point reinventing the wheel, there is, it seems, a great desire to change how we turn it.

The electric bike has stormed into the market in recent years with sales in Europe growing by about 40 per cent in the past five years.

And Aussies have begun to discover and adopt the trend – just ask Don Taylor who runs iBikes Australia on Chester Street in Oakleigh.

“We started to see an increase in sales in the last 12 months,” Mr Taylor said.

“People have begun to realise they can ride further. They see that they are great for commuting – you can ride to work and don’t need a shower when you get there. But you are still outside, getting your vitamin D and whatever amount of exercise you want – and beating the traffic.”

Discover iBikes in Oakleigh
Discover iBikes in Oakleigh

An electric bike is a bike with a motor that gives assistance to the rider.

There are two legal types in Australia: The pedal assist, which has a motor that only works when you pedal and assists up to a maximum of 25km/h, allowing the rider can go faster but only under their own steam. And there’s the e-bike with a throttle, meaning you can use the electric motor without pedalling and they have a maximum power of 200 watts.

Not so long ago bike stores stocked just a few e-bikes out the back somewhere but now iBikes stocks them as a mainstream item.

“There are specialty brands that do e-bikes now. And we have plenty in stock and they are on show so people can come and have a browse around and try one,” Mr Taylor said.

And like other cycles, there are different e-bikes for different customers – even those who’ve fancied mountain biking but haven’t felt strong enough.

Yes, there are also electric mountain bikes.

“They are becoming popular, too. They enable people to take on a cycling holiday or challenge that they may not have contemplated before,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor encouraged people to come into the store and try a test bike.

“We want people to have a ride and understand the bike,” he said.

“Whether you want a new way to commute or to go further on your weekend ride or mountain ride, there is an e-bike for you.”

Discover iBikes in Oakleigh

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