Oakleigh Central upgrade works

The refurbishment works at Oakleigh Central include improvements to amenities. Image: Vicinity Centres.

Oakleigh’s leading single-level shopping centre has been refurbished and is set to improve the shopping experience for visitors.

The $1.365 million upgrade works at Oakleigh Central, which began in June 2016 and finished late last year, has improved the presentation and amenities of the centre.

The works covered key presentation and customer experience items including a full reconfiguration and refurbishment of existing amenities to modern facilities with a large format parent’s room, improved access and disabled facilities.

Six specialty retailers along the main walkway had their shopfronts and mall bulkheads upgraded to improve mall ambience.

Oakleigh Central Centre Manager Paula Jones said the centre was excited to offer shoppers significant improvements.

“We want to provide all our visitors with an enjoyable shopping experience – one that leaves the shopper feeling refreshed and revitalised at the end of their trip,” she said.

Oakleigh Ward councillor Josh Fergeus said the recent refurbishment of Oakleigh Central has significantly improved the precinct.

“Improved facilities for parents and people with a disability, in particular, are critical in supporting all community members to access traders and services in the heart of Oakleigh,” he said.

Cr Fergeus said keeping local amenities “fresh and fit-for-purpose” was necessary to ensure the vibrancy of Oakleigh continues to thrive.

“The retail sector is a competitive space – people have a lot of choice. A focus on amenity helps the local economy while also ensuring vital services are easily accessible,” he said.

Oakleigh Central upgrade to amenities

Upgrade works have given Oakleigh Central a modern look. Image: Vicinity Centres.

Ms Jones said a full refurbishment of the centre’s public amenities included the installation of a full-sized change table, which can move up and down and fold up against the wall, as well as an automatic hoist which can move across the room to transfer someone from the toilet to the change table.

“(This) allows disabled visitors to be changed and go to the toilet safely – doing so with the dignity and privacy they deserve,” she said.

Ms Jones said the centre would continue with remaining works later this year.

The centre invested in the upgrade works as part of capital expenditure, which was determined following a review of the Oakleigh trade area, key segments and onsite inspections.