Guide to medical services in Oakleigh

Oakleigh has a range of medical services to service the community’s needs.

A range of offerings from general medical through to specialist treatments means you don’t have to travel far to stay in tip top condition.

Here’s where you can find medical services in Oakleigh:

General medical services

Hanover Street Medical Centre has five doctors, five practice staff and two nurses on site to assist patients. The clinic also offers a range of care including general health, immunisations, travel vaccines, chronic disease plans, and prevention and wellness advice.

As a not-for-profit community organisation that provides lower cost services, Link Health and Community aims to be accessible and affordable. Some services have set fees and some are free. They offer a range of services including dental, counselling, children’s health, exercise help and more.


Don’t neglect your hearing. Testing is easy, solutions are available and in Oakleigh help is at hand. Clinics in the precinct offer hearing tests, treatment for tinnitus, hearing aids. Try National Hearing Care, Hearing Life Australia, or Hearservice.


With the latest techniques and instrumentation for vision examinations and eye health tests, Eyecare Plus Optometrist offers all treatment options plus a wide range of quality optometric frames.


For a range of prescription medicines, vitamins, health food and personal care products head to Aliminakis Pharmacy.

Amcal Pharmacy offers highly-trained healthcare professionals who can offer advice on a broad range of health issues. As well as your meeting your needs in store, the pharmacy sells a range of beauty products and baby goods.

Dental and orthodontic practices

Keep your pearly whites in pristine condition with regular visits to the dentist. Oakleigh clinics Station Square Dental and New Smiles Denture Clinic can assist with all your dental requirements.

Skin care

Australian Laser and Skin Clinic is a one-stop shop for laser and cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser facial treatment, microdermabrasion, lip enhancement and more.


Also known as Atherton Road Chiropractor, John Adamopoulos Chiropractor treats back injuries, lower back pain, migraines, period pain and headaches. They also offer nutrition and exercise advice.

Salt therapy

Salts of the Earth offers salt therapy which involves inhaling dry salt to cleanse the airways to relieve congestion, inflammation and skin irritation.