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Often, Pilates is thought of as that slow, stretch class for the middle-aged with a hip or back impairment.

But a fresh, modern and more dynamic Pilates studio in Oakleigh is attracting a wide range of people to try the practise.

KX Pilates in Oakleigh fuses elements of traditional, reformer Pilates with cardio and endurance exercise, and trainer Ange Kounelis said her clients are loving it.

“It’s about working smarter, not longer, and it can be done at your pace and in accordance with your fitness level and your goals,” she said.

Japanese for ‘change for the better’, the Kaizen Experience, or KX, is a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing improvement.

Ms Kounelis opened her studio on Atherton Rd, Oakleigh in April and already the business is booming.

“I have a mixed bag of clientele. This 50-minute dynamic style of Pilates works for so many people. The results are better,” Ms Kounelis said.

“You still have the benefits of traditional Pilates but the added cardio element gives an extra fitness outcome.”

Ange Kournelis, KX Pilates Oakleigh studio owner

KX Pilates Oakleigh owner and trainer, Ange Kounelis. Image credit: KX Pilates.

Ms Kounelis said many people who are intimidated by the gym love KX Pilates.

“You can exercise in a boutique studio, in a small class that feels like a one-on-one experience but without a one-on-one cost,” she said.

Even young people are catching the KX bug whereas traditional Pilates wouldn’t have attracted them.

“We see younger people now as they study for exams and want to get their body moving or simply de-stress. They’ve heard about KX and they ask mum or dad to book them in.”

Ms Kounelis has a big team at the Oakleigh studio and offers a broad schedule of classes – pre work, just after school drop off, lunchtime, after the kids go to bed at night – there’s a class for everyone.

Keen to try a class? Sign up to the intro offer of 5 classes for $50 (valid for 14 days). To find out more or to book a class, visit the KX Pilates Oakleigh website.

All pictures by Samantha Haines

KX Pilates Oakleigh studio

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