Your guide to cafes in Oakleigh

Oakleigh is renowned for its sweet-smelling pastry shops and relaxed cafes with a distinct European touch.

With vibrant Eaton Mall offering open-air dining, along with plenty of family-friendly eateries and some quieter, tucked away spots, there are plenty of cafes to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a new spot to enjoy a weekend brunch or need a new regular go-to for your daily caffeine fix, our guide to cafes in Oakleigh will help you decide.

Vanilla Cakes and Lounge

Known as a local institution, Vanilla Cakes and Lounge is conveniently located in Eaton Mall with a generously spaced outdoor area. There are countless varieties of freshly-made speciality cakes and Greek pastries to choose from with gluten-free options available, too. Vanilla also do savoury meals – think loukaniko (spicy Greek-style sausage), moussaka, pastitsio and spanakopita.

Nikos Quality Cakes

Cakes, biscuits and sweet treats galore are waiting for you at Nikos Quality Cakes. This cafe is a great choice for a light lunch or afternoon tea. If you’ve never had traditional Greek sweets before, make sure you try the Greek donuts, bougatsa or loukoumades. Nikos is also famous for its Frappe coffee.

Pipperilli’s Cafe

Located near Oakleigh station, Pipperilli’s Cafe is a top spot for breakfast, a light lunch or cakes and coffee. They have a rotating menu that changes depending on the day – think cajun chicken with rice, stir-fried noodles with veggies or tortellini carbonara alongside spring rolls, dimmies and salads. For dessert, they offer a selection of tarts, cakes and slices that change daily. Expect a friendly, casual atmosphere that’s well-known for being a post-cycle coffee spot.

Cote Terra

Operating since 2012, Cote Terra has built a reputation for delicious, affordable and modern meals in a welcoming environment. Now with extended hours, you can come back after breakfast or lunch to feast on an evening menu or get a drink at the bar. The venue is also known for promoting local artists and hosting events in collaboration with small businesses in the area.

5five Bakehouse Kitchen

You can spot this artisan bakery and kitchen by its iconic yellow umbrellas and chairs lining the strip along Eaton Mall. Try an open souvlaki, smooth and creamy coffee, cronuts, pies, pastries, stews and sliders, simple scrambled eggs – the menu options are varied, balancing modern twists and more traditional fare. 5five Bakehouse Kitchen offers a great casual dining option with plenty of vegetarian options as well.