Guide to desserts and sweet treats in Oakleigh

Sometimes a meal just isn’t complete without a dessert.

Luckily, for those with a sweet tooth, Oakleigh has some of the best cake and sweet treat shops in Melbourne.

Whether its donuts, a special occasion cake or nibble of baklava you’re after, we’ve done the leg-work and put together some of our top picks for your next sweet craving.

Here’s where you can find desserts and sweet treats in Oakleigh:

The Oakleigh Doughnut Co.

Image credit: The Oakleigh Doughnut Co. (via Facebook)

The Oakleigh Doughnut Co

Brothers Nic and Yani started this homemade doughnut shop based on their grandmother’s recipe.

Think delicious donuts made in small batches, served with great coffee and deluxe hot chocolates and milkshakes. What’s not to like?

The Oakleigh Doughnut Co is the place to go for a sweet treat – choose from a selection of twenty flavours, including the popular Oreo Crème, classics like salted caramel or the more unusual Halva Nice Day.

St. Gerry's

Image credit: St. Gerry's (via Facebook)

St. Gerry’s

For a super-sweet spin on gooey, delicious, old-school desserts, try St. Gerry’s.

You’ll have your deep fried sweet treat (they make a mean doughnut) served up with a generous dollop of sweet sauce or cream.

Got a late-night hankering? Their dessert bar is open until 11pm daily.

Me Gousto

Image credit: Me Gousto (via Facebook)

Me Gousto

If it’s crepes you’re after, head down to Me Gousto. The restaurant offers 18 different types of crepes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

From Nutella to peanut butter, crème bougatsa and chocolate banana, their desserts are the bomb. The venue is licensed and open til late.

Mykonos Taverna

Image credit: Mykonos Taverna

Mykonos Taverna

Oakleigh has such a thriving Greek community that you can take your pick for sweet treats and stylish Hellenic interiors that make you feel like you’re on holiday in the Aegean Sea.

For a slightly thicker version of the French variety of crepe, head to Mykonos Taverna.

The beautifully decorated venue means you’ll momentarily feel like you’re enjoying a sweet treat in the Greek isles.

Nikos Quality Cakes

Image credit: Nikos Quality Cakes (via Facebook)

Nikos Quality Cakes

As one of Melbourne’s leading cake suppliers, Oakleigh residents are lucky to have this sweet treat stalwart on their doorstep.

Open 7 days a week, Nikos Quality Cakes is perfect for an afternoon coffee and cake.

They also offer cake catering and cater to weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

Image credit: Vanilla Lounge (via Facebook)

Vanilla Lounge

We’ve raved about this local, family-run business before, and Vanilla Lounge is top of the list for Greek sweet specialties such as baklava, bougatsa and assorted pastries and cakes.

The restaurant also has a lounge serving meals, coffee and snacks until late, and they cater to the classic cake crowd with New York baked cheesecake, cupcakes, Ferrero sweet treats and much more.