Cote Terra in Oakleigh food review

What we ate

Food: The smashed avocado on the breakfast menu included a substantial amount of avocado with Persian feta, cherry tomatoes and two free range poached eggs served on super crispy sourdough that had been brushed with olive oil. The avocado had a subtle hint of lime juice, giving the dish a slightly tart yet fresh quality. The portion size of this dish is rather generous so make sure you’ve got a good appetite before digging in.

Coffee: A smooth coffee with earthy notes and a slightly bitter quality, making for a perfect balance of  acidity. 

Cote Terra Oakleigh Smashed Avocado breakfast

The smashed avocado on Cote Terra's breakfast menu.

About Cote Terra

Cote Terra first opened in June 2012, and has become a hub for speciality coffee in Oakleigh. The old building with high ceilings, polished wooden furniture and an antique clock hanging on the wall give Cote Terra a slightly rustic and vintage feel. Situated on the quiet side of Station St, the cafe offers a calm atmosphere away from Oakleigh’s busy shopping strip. The cafe staff members were incredibly attentive and friendly, making for an enjoyable customer experience. Tip: Look out for the funky lights hanging from the roof.

Atmosphere: Relaxed, friendly, vintage.

Value for money: 8/10 (Smashed avocado was $17; coffee was $3.50).

Getting To Cote Terra In Oakleigh

Cote Terra is at 17 Station St, Oakleigh. Find more information on getting to Oakleigh.