Mushrooms - 5FIVE Bakehouse Kitchen in Oakleigh

Mushrooms with goat’s cheese and rocket, topped with a poached egg and sweet potato chips.

What we ate

Food: We had the mushrooms with goat’s cheese and rocket, topped with a poached egg and sweet potato chips. This breakfast menu item sounded promising but it didn’t quite meet expectations. The mushrooms lacked flavour and the thick slices of slightly dry bread didn’t pair well with this dish which already had a lot of elements going on. While the goat’s cheese brought a bold and robust flavour to this dish, it became overpowering as there wasn’t a variety of other flavours to balance it out. The biggest disappointment was the sweet potato ‘chips’ – they were more like soft strips of peeled vegetable and lacked crunch. If done better, the sweet potato could’ve lifted the dish and added some complexity through a sweet flavour and crispy texture.

However, the four-cheese ravioli was a winner. Large pockets of pasta were filled with soft white cheese and topped with a rich and full-flavoured tomato sauce. The shavings of parmesan added the perfect amount of salt and savoury flavour to the dish, balancing out the sweetness in the sauce.

Drinks: The coffee was smooth, slightly bitter and creamy. The freshly-squeezed apple juice was a sweet yet refreshing drink option.

Ravioli - 5FIVE Bakehouse Kitchen in Oakleigh

The Four-cheese ravioli was a winner

About 5FIVE Bakehouse Kitchen

5FIVE Bakehouse Kitchen is an artisan-style bakehouse kitchen located in the heart of Oakleigh. The cafe is renowned for its coffee and baked goods as well as their assortment of meals available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Atmosphere: Bustling, airy, friendly.

Value for money: 6/10 (The two meals, plus juice and coffee came to $53.70. Service was quite slow; we waited about 45 minutes for our food).

Getting to 5FIVE Bakehouse Kitchen in Oakleigh

5FIVE Bakehouse Kitchen is at 22 Eaton Mall in Oakleigh. Find out more about getting to Oakleigh