Where to find a good steak in Oakleigh

If a good steak is what you’re after then the Oakleigh shopping precinct has what you need.

You can find a range of high quality beef steaks at several Oakleigh restaurants, all cooked to your personal liking.

Sometimes the perfect steak is hard to find, so we’ve done the work for you and made this list of places where you can go and find a good steak in Oakleigh.

No Name

The Restaurant with No Name, located in the heart of the Oakleigh shopping precinct, offers three classic steak options cooked to order.

Go for the timeless 300 gram grain-fed eye fillet served with a red wine jus, potato mash and sautéed veggies.

No Name also offers a 450 gram grain-fed rib eye with a red wine jus served with potato gratin and nicoise salad.

If you’d prefer a beef and seafood combo, opt for the ‘Reef and Beef’ – rib eye with king prawns, scallops, potato mash, seasonal greens and a creamy red wine jus.


Choose from two quality free-range Angus beef steaks at Kentro.

The 400 gram T-bone steak is served with chips, salad and a classic red wine jus, while the 300 gram porterhouse steak comes with seasonal veggies and potato mash.

Euro Bites Greek Eatery

Head down to Euro Bites Greek Eatery to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a simple steak done well.

Order their 500 gram rib eye steak, grilled to your preference, and served with seasoned oven roasted vegetables.

Onion Patch Bistro

You’ll find the Onion Patch Bistro inside the Oakleigh-Carnegie RSL where they have two delicious steaks on offer.

Steaks at Onion Patch Bistro are cooked to your liking, and served with scalloped potatoes and seasonal greens.

Choose from the 300 gram eye fillet or sirloin steak, and choose a sauce to top. Popular sauces include mushroom, red wine jus, anchovy and garlic butter, and pepper sauce.