Mykonos Cafe and Crepes, Oakleigh

Mykonos Cafe and Crepes, Oakleigh

Step into Mykonos Cafe and Crepes and be instantly transported to the beautiful Greek island.

The new crepe cafe and coffee roaster opened its doors to food lovers earlier this month and has already had eager customers pouring in and spreading the word about this new gem in the heart of Oakleigh.

The interior boasts stunning stone floors, crisp white furniture, turquoise blue decorations and finishing touches like bright bougainvillea vines climbing up the walls.

The couple behind Kalimera Souvlaki Art, Thomas Deliopoulos and Sylvia Gabriel, started Mykonos Cafe and Crepes.

Following a trip to Mykonos, the pair wanted to bring a piece of the Greek island back to Melbourne and the idea to set up the cafe was born.

Creperies have become increasingly popular in Greece in recent years, with choices of sweet or savoury fillings served in a French-style crepe quite common.

The formula for the delicious crepes at Mykonos Cafe and Crepes originates from a family recipe a French soldier shared with Deliopoulos while they were completing military service in Kosovo.

The crepes are slightly thicker than the French varieties, making them ideal to hold wholesome and chunky fillings.

Mykonos Cafe and Crepes in Oakleigh

On the menu, you can expect to find classics like the bougatsa – a traditional Greek filo pastry filled with custard cream and sprinkled with cinnamon – except at this cafe, it comes served in a crepe.

There’s also the Psarou crepe which comes filled with cheese, turkey, capsicum, salami and mushrooms and the Paraga crepe, with bacon, egg and house-made Russian dip.

Kids can enjoy a Nutella and Oreo biscuit crepe while adults can explore a variety of liquor-infused crepes in flavours like Kahlua, Malibu and Grand Marnier.

Deliopoulos is also experimenting with a moussaka inspired filling, which incorporates eggplant, mince and a creamy béchamel sauce.

The tasty menu, stunning decor and Greek influence at Mykonos Cafe and Crepes will momentarily transport you to the island in the Aegean Sea without having to travel further than Oakleigh.

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Mykonos Cafe and Crepes

58 Portman St, Oakleigh

Images from Mykonos Cafe and Crepes Facebook page.