They’re big on happiness at The Last Piece cafe and why not?

The cafe prides itself on its authentic, delicious pizza and the owners have discovered that Oakleigh is a great place to serve it up.

“No one can deny the happiness that is felt sharing time, food and drink with friends”, the eatery’s website states.

And co-owner Dane Conboy said the food-loving Oakleigh community has embraced the cafe and business was good.

“When people think of Oakleigh they think of the Greek community. And while that is a large part, there is a bigger demographic emerging here,” Mr Conboy said.

“It is a foodie place and our pizza is the key part of what we offer and people love it.”

Discover The Last Piece cafe in Oakleigh

If you think pizza is pizza, then think again because The Last Piece, on Portman St, offers a traditional Neapolitan pizza.

“It is cooked in a 400 degree, stone-based oven and the dough is rested for 48 hours, so you have a light pizza that is crispy, rather than a doughy pizza,” Mr Conboy said.

The toppings are classic Italian, as are the cured meats and pork, sausage and lamb.

Weekend nights see the cafe filled with families and it is also open for “Melbourne style” breakfast seven days a week.

And while it thrives on traditional pizza cooking styles, The Last Piece has embraced the future bringing Uber Eats to Oakleigh.

“Uber Eats makes up about 10 per cent of our business which is pretty good. It’s getting popular and obviously Uber works well for pizza,” Mr Conboy said.

But if you want to get out of the house and share a slice of happiness with some friends, get along to The Last Piece which also has an al fresco area – perfect for the warmer months.

The cafe promises a happy, warm environment where “friends are number one, we do the thinking and the only arguments are over the past piece”.

Visit the cafe

The Last Piece

38 Portman St, Oakleigh

Phone: (03) 9563 4540.