5 of Oakleigh’s hottest drinks to beat the winter chill

When it’s frosty outside, there’s nothing better than chilling out indoors with a steamy hot beverage.

And when it comes to hot beverages in Oakleigh, the choices are abundant!

Here are 5 of Oakleigh’s hottest drinks to beat the winter chill, aside from your usual coffee and tea.

1. Hot chocolate

Who can resist the sweet seduction of a well-made hot chocolate during winter?

Whether you’re indulging in a Latin American-style spicy number or the rich, thick variety you find in Italy and Spain, these hot beverages are always to die for!

Indeed, since the Maya civilization began drinking chocolate 2000 years ago, the drink has evolved differently around the globe.

Until the 19th century, hot chocolates were used medicinally to treat liver and stomach diseases.

Recent research has shown hot cocoa is high in antioxidants and flavonoids that can help improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

Whether it’s made using shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder, this drink is always a winter winner!

Find hot chocolates at The Ambrosiary5five Bakehouse Kitchen and Muffin Break.

2. Turmeric lattes

For those who are looking for a caffeine-free beverage with plenty of health benefits, look no further than the turmeric latte.

Often made with almond milk or coconut milk, the turmeric in these sunny, golden drinks contains antioxidants which help ward off cancer and improve a range of health concerns, from arthritis to eczema.

Turmeric lattes are often served with cinnamon, nutmeg, grated ginger and a dash of black pepper, plus honey to sweeten things up.

Find turmeric lattes at Cote Terra and Gypsee Bean

3. Matcha latte

These mean, green antioxidant-rich machines are guaranteed to give you a kick-start in the morning.

Made from the finely ground powder of green tea leaves, matcha has a softer, creamier flavour than green tea, but does contain more caffeine.

The antioxidants protect against heart disease, cancer and signs of ageing.

Warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg are often added to the latte for flavour, as well as honey or maple syrup.

Find matcha lattes at Nikos Quality CakesVanilla and Cote Terra.

4. Chai latte

Chai is the perfect winter pick-me-up, blending health perks with deliciousness.

Made from a combination of aromatic Indian spices and herbs, such as cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, ground ginger and black peppercorn with black tea leaves, Chai is rich in antioxidants. It also improves digestion, boosts the immune system and fights inflammation.

Sample a chai latte made with a powdered mixture or concentrates, or try a chai tea bag in hot water.

For something delightfully different, why not order a deconstructed chai, served with an empty cup, hot milk, dried spices and honey? You won’t look back!

Find chai lattes at 5five Bakehouse Kitchen, Gypsee Bean and Vanilla.

5. Mocha latte

For those who can’t completely deviate from their coffee but want a hint of something different, opt for a mocha latte.

The chocolate-flavoured caffe latte brings the sweetness of chocolate to the classic espresso with milk.

The drink often comes with a dusting of cinnamon or cocoa powder, and is sometimes topped with whipped cream, for extra indulgence.

Find mocha lattes at 5five Bakehouse Kitchen, Aristo CafeMuffin Break and Vanilla.