5 Ways to Enjoy Oakleigh This Summer

Summer is a great time of year to spend in Oakleigh, a suburb fondly known as ‘little Greece’.

There’s lots of things to do over the summer with family and friends, whether it’s discovering a new hobby, finding a favourite summertime meal or enjoying some live music.

Here are our top five recommendations for things to do in Oakleigh in the summer:

Cool off at Oakleigh Ice Skating Centre

1. Cool off at Oakleigh Ice Skating Centre

The Oakleigh Ice Skating Centre comes alive on a Saturday nights for their disco skating session, and is a great excuse to take on a new sport or activity to help you escape from the summer heat. Another option for beginners or intermediate skaters is the speed skating sessions on offer that help you refine your skills in power, agility and balance on the ice rink.

escapeXperience in Oakleigh

2. Take on the challenge of EscapeXperience

For the adventurous types, perhaps being trapped in a room and having to find your way out could be a perfect way to spend a summer’s day. EscapeXperience in Oakleigh offers an intellectual challenge that you can embark on with family and friends. It’s also a great team-building experience for professional groups. Themed rooms and puzzles include time travel and burlesque. Prepare to be challenged!

See a band at Caravan Music Club.

See a band at Caravan Music Club. Image: Caravan Music Club Facebook.

3. Enjoy some tunes at Caravan Music Club

For music lovers, Caravan Music Club has a great summer line-up of events including a Nina Simone tribute night and the inaugural Holler Roots music festival. Meal bookings can also be made at the RSL Bistro.

Oakleigh Rotary Sunday Market

The Oakleigh Rotary Sunday Market has a really unique range of things for sale. | Image credit: Save Oakleigh Rotary Sunday Market

4. Find treasures at Rotary Sunday Market

One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure, and this is especially true at Oakleigh’s long-running Sunday market. With more than 140 stalls operating every week, the market is a great spot to experience the local community and find those unique and vintage items.

Try the oysters or a seafood platter at Richmond Oysters in Oakleigh.

Try the oysters or a seafood platter at Richmond Oysters in Oakleigh.

5. Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant

Looking to enjoy a tasty meal with friends this summer? There’s lots of delicious Greek dishes on offer in Oakleigh: think souvlaki, gyros, spanikopita, saganaki and traditional Greek coffee. We also recommend trying the oysters or a seafood platter with a Japanese drink at Richmond Oysters.