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George Papageorgiou of Cypriot Street Grill in Oakleigh

Discover Cypriot Street Grill in Oakleigh

If you’ve ever heard of koupes, tashinopites and sheftalies, you’re probably well acquainted with Cypriot food. It not, you have the chance to taste them at Cypriot Street Grill in Oakleigh.

The restaurant, which recently opened in Oakleigh’s bustling Eaton Mall, offers authentic Cypriot cuisine.

Discover The Last Piece cafe in Oakleigh

They’re big on happiness at The Last Piece cafe and why not?

The cafe prides itself on its authentic, delicious pizza and the owners have discovered that Oakleigh is a great place to serve it up.

Guide to desserts and sweet treats in Oakleigh

Guide to desserts and sweet treats in Oakleigh

Sometimes a meal just isn’t complete without a dessert.

Luckily, for those with a sweet tooth, Oakleigh has some of the best cake and sweet treat shops in Melbourne.

Read on to find out where you can find desserts and sweet treats in Oakleigh.

Discover Freshabake in Oakleigh

Discover Freshabake in Oakleigh

In an era of supermarket proliferation, an old-fashioned family business is breathing new life into a traditional style of store.

Freshabake in Oakleigh recently reopened following a major renovation and owner Melina Longhurst said she was proud to offer “a very homely” bakery with more open shelving and products out on display.

The Oakleigh Doughnut Co

Discover The Oakleigh Doughnut Co

Oakleigh may be buzzing with talk of the new artisan doughnut place that’s reinventing old classics to give us taste sensations we hadn’t imagined, but there’s so much more to come.

Brothers Nic and Yani Kabylakis have been enjoying some notoriety since opening The Oakleigh Doughnut Co.

Richmond Oysters Oakleigh

Discover Richmond Oysters in Oakleigh

There is a simple philosophy that guides Richmond Oysters in Oakleigh – serve premium quality seafood for the enjoyment of all.

That simplicity belies the hard work and talent of the man at the helm of the Oakleigh restaurant, head chef Riccardo Messora.

5 of Oakleigh’s hottest drinks to beat the winter chill

5 of Oakleigh’s hottest drinks to beat the winter chill

When it’s frosty outside, there’s nothing better than chilling out indoors with a steamy hot beverage. And when it comes to hot beverages in Oakleigh, the choices are abundant!

Here are 5 of Oakleigh’s hottest drinks to beat the winter chill.

Where to find a good steak in Oakleigh

Where to find a good steak in Oakleigh

If a good steak is what you’re after then the Oakleigh shopping precinct has what you need. You can find a range of high quality beef steaks at several...

Guide to restaurants in Oakleigh

Your guide to restaurants in Oakleigh

Whether you’re an Oakleigh local or just visiting, there’s plenty of reasons to swap a grocery list for a menu in this part of town. A suburb with...

Your guide to cafes in Oakleigh

Your Guide To Cafes In Oakleigh

Oakleigh is renowned for its sweet-smelling pastry shops and relaxed cafes with a distinct European touch.

Whether you’re looking for a new spot to enjoy a weekend brunch or need a new regular go-to for your daily caffeine fix, our guide to cafes in Oakleigh will help you decide.

Euro Bites Greek Eatery in Oakleigh

Discover a taste of Greece at Oakleigh’s Euro Bites Greek Eatery

Whether you’re a local looking for some traditional Mediterranean cuisine or just passing through Oakleigh’s shopping precinct and in the mood for...

Discover Meat Me Souvlakeri in Oakleigh

Discover Meat Me Souvlakeri in Oakleigh

If the savoury sizzle of chargrilled meat and crispy hot chips is your idea of heaven on a plate, it’s time you visited Meat Me Souvlakeri in Oakleigh. For...


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